2.2 Tidal flats and shoaling channels

Sedimentary responses to human interventions are often non-linear due to morphodynamic feedbacks and positive feedback mechanism in the water column. This complex non-linear response leads to unpredicted and often irreversible response of the system. In order to advance our quantitative understanding of such feedback mechanisms we need to better understand the underlying morphological processes, both driven by natural processes and human interventions (e.g. dredging, salt marsh expansion, mining). The scientific challenge is therefore:

  1. Unravel mechanisms regulating sediment exchange between flats and channels
  2. Predict the morphologic response to human interventions in channel-flat systems
  3. Develop strategies to optimize dredging and disposal.

We will overcome this challenge by integrating several unique and novel modeling approaches and study in detail the morphodynamic response of data-rich (complemented with new data) channel-flat systems to human interventions.