Work Package 2 “Model”

Develop models to predict morphological development

Predictive modeling of the morphological development is indispensable for successful sediment management, but our modeling tools urgently need improvement on the level of physical-mathematical formulations, software (numerical) implementation, as well as application. Until now, our models are fairly good at predicting spatial patterns of sediment fluxes, but are not sufficiently adequate in prediction of morphological change and the timescales thereof. We identified which improvements lead to a step change in predictive model quality, which we will test with the novel data products developed in Work Package “Data”.

Projects in Work Package 2 “Model”

2.1 Tidal basin morphodynamics on decadal to centennial timescale

2.2 Tidal flats and shoaling channels

2.3 Salt marsh survival

2.4 Fundamental research on 2D/3D morphodynamic modeling

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